Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Never Forgot.

You took this dagger you call love and stabbed me in the chest.
My emotions spilled on the cold, hard pavement where you left me to die.
With one fell swoop you took all that was me.
My laughter.
My joy.
My inspiration.
You committed a crime greater than any other.
Leaving a soul without a purpose.

Why must you still haunt my dreams.
You torture my memories with the thoughts of you.
Wasn't it enough when you tore me to pieces.
When I cried out your name, but you never answered.
When you walked away from everything we had.

You took my will to live.
The spark that motivated my soul.
My entire reason for getting out of bed in the morning.
A soul without a purpose is like a fly without its wings.
There is no point to being, when the reason is gone.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lie to Me.

Lie to me.
Tell me that when your eyes open at dawn, I am the first person you think of.
Lie to me,
Tell me that all others fail in comparison when your head is on my lap.
I want you to lie to me and tell me that there is no other person that can make you feel the way I do.

Lie to me,
Tell me that you wonder about what I am doing on this very minute.
When you get into bed at night, lie to me and tell me that the thought of me is what keeps you up through the night.

Lie to me,
Tell me that when you kiss me, your heart skips a beat.
Lie to me,
Tell me that for the first moment of the day that you see my face, you feel as though everything is perfect.
Lie to me,
Just to make me happy, even if it is just for a few seconds of bliss.

When I ask you, please lie to me and tell me that you love me.


Will I ever escape from these shattered hallways.
From a place where human kind has long forgotten.
I turn left. I make a right.
This place seems all the same.
Every corner of every turn, elegantly carved with the seal of humanity.
These dark corridors lead men astray.
Most lose their sanity after so long.
They cannot bear the fear they have for the beasts laying within.
I must succeed where the others have failed.
Oh, Daedalus, what were you thinking.
Tell me the secrets so that I may escape this prison,
And see the bright light of the morning star.
To return to what is most precious to me.
I must break free.

Starry Sky

Under this starry sky, I ponder and pray
That this hole in my heart will soon be swayed.
A shooting star races across the night sky.
Roaming the universe without a care.
Not knowing what wish it may have granted me.
I am a hopeless romantic in a tragic world.
This is no place for me so I must take my leave.
I will go among the stars,
Where the beauty of our existence fails in comparison to the wonders of the titans.
The splendor of the endless expanse will carry me, body and soul,
Ascending into the heavens,
Where I may become whole.

Random Babbles

- Rub the dust from your eyes.
See the sun break a new dawn.
Just wipe away the tears.
Meet the new morning without fear.

- As we take strides to find the light
That brightens our future,
We sometimes lose sight of
The dreams we started with.

-Who do they think they are, these great men of power.
Their shadows looming over the world like titans.
They strive to get the power yet fall due to greed,
For they cannot control their ambitions.
They pretend to be gods in a world that has lost faith.
Where false gods and idols stand, these men reign.